Canoeing in Junsele

Röån river is one of the county's best spots for canoeing along lakes and rivers. The river flows through wilderness areas that is rich in plants and animals, especially beavers.

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Suggested visit length: 2-3 timmar One day

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Starting point: Landsvägsbron across Röån, road 980 towards Backe, approximately 7km from the village.
Alternative starting point: Båthamn, Betarsjön. Approximaterly 2km from the village.
A good stopover for the night is Gammbodarna. Långnäsudden is a good place to stop if you want to take a short break between Tågsjöbergsbron and Lillbron. Flärken is a nice place to stop and also stay overnight with opportunities for fishing.
FYI: Pick up the boat on designated areas at Röån's station. During strong winds, stay close to shore when canoeing along Betarsjön. Always use a life jacket, it's included in the price.
Please, no littering in the area!
For booking and information, call +46(0)70-69 86 062

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