The Nipleden Trail

The Nipleden Trail is a true gem among the hiking trails of the High Coast. It starts at Sollefteå Camping at Risön in central Sollefteå and makes its way upstream along the beautiful Ångermanälven river to Edsbron, where it crosses the river and follows it downstream to Risön again.

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  • Adventure seekers

  • Free parking


It is the river’s impressive sandbanks that give the trail its name – nipa means sandbank in Swedish – and these are both impressive and exciting to explore. 20,000 years ago, the inland ice started retreating and 10,000 years ago what is today known as Ångermanland was free from ice.

The area around the Nipleden trail was once a sea cove where glacial melt water flowed out to sea, depositing vast quantities of sand and silt. When the land uplift moved the coast further and further eastwards, the river eroded through the old sediment deposits and created the fascinating 50-metre high riverbanks that you can see today. Large sections of the trail follow the riverbanks and can be steep and narrow. One of the best areas to visit along the trail is Granvågsniporna Nature Reserve where the river Faxälven joins Ångermansälven. Here you will find three fantastic sandbanks – Borgen, Svalnipan and Rödskäggsnipan.

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If you want to hike the trail in two days a good starting point is at the bridge crossing upstream at Forsmo. Stay overnight halfway at Sollefteå Camping.