Europas största Via Ferrata-anläggning
Europas största Via Ferrata-anläggning
Europas största Via Ferrata-anläggning
Europas största Via Ferrata-anläggning

Europe's biggest Via Ferrata Centre

A unique adrenaline rush and a fantastic adventure in the High Coast World Heritage Site.

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Suggested visit length: 2-3 timmar


Here, everyone has the chance to experience mountain climbing under the highest level of safety. No previous climbing experience is necessary, and only normal levels of fitness are required. Steel pegs and footholds have been fixed in place where natural footholds are lacking. Several hundred very strong steel anchor points have been drilled into Skule mountain’s 250 metre high east face and 1300 metres of steel cable have then been pulled through these anchor points, which are divided into four graded routes of varying difficulty.

The equipment you hire from us consists of a helmet, a harness and a Y-shaped lanyard with two karabiners suitable for use on a Via Ferrata. You climb the mountain by holding onto the steel cable. Please note, the equipment requires a minimum weight for each climber of 40 kg (6 stone 5 pound) with a maximum weight of 140 kg (22 stone). Both karabiners should remain clipped to the cable whilst climbing, except when passing past an anchor point, when you unclip and re-attach only one karabiner at a time.

The routes are not designed for children so this places additional demands on accompanying adults. They should be completely confident with heights, and should look after children they accompany at all times, especially when moving karabiners. For a safe and secure climb, there is a maximum of one child per accompanying adult.