The reserve is located at the top of Lidberget at 280-340 meters above sea level.

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Road description : Lidberget is located about 6 km north of Ullånger. From Ullånger you can go the road to Almsjönäs but turn right after almost 4 km. Continue this little way north on the east side of Möckelsjön. When the road makes a sharp left turn on the lake's north side (and a road goes to the right) then you have the reserve about 500m above the mountain due north. Continuing further about 2 km, it is about 450 m to the reserve due east.


The area's central parts are dominated by the more than century-old spruce forest with a large number of old slow grown trees. Lidberget is a clear 'skull cap mountain "where the highest shoreline, which is the highest level that the ocean's shoreline reached during the last ice age, is near the top, but where the top has escaped to surge by the ocean waves. Almost the entire reserve is located on the calotte above the highest coastline. Located next door to Godgrubbergets nature reserve.