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Safe Hiking

Before you go hiking, make sure you are prepared – pack the right equipment, check your map carefully and adapt your route to suit your ability.

Plan your hike carefully and tell someone where you are going and when you are due back. Ask for help with your planning, contact the High Coast Tourism Service via email:, phone: 0771-26 50 00, or visit our personal holiday planner for more tips and advice!
Adapt your plans to suit your ability and the local conditions.
Keep a keen eye on the weather. You can find up-to-date weather forecasts on, for example.
Start your hike on time. In the summer it is light all night but in the autumn, winter and spring you will need to make sure you have time to get to where you are going before it gets dark.
Take all the necessary equipment with you so you have everything you need and can help others if necessary.
Take appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Apply the layering principle and bear in mind that the weather can change quickly.
Map & compass
Use a map and compass so you always know where you are. You can find maps of the hiking trails in the region on our website or in our app.
Cancel plans if necessary
If in doubt, cancel your plans and return back to the start before it’s too late.
Save energy
Conserve energy and seek shelter when you need to.

If it is your first hiking experience, you might want to take a hiking guide with you.

Dare to hike without trails and maps with Höga Kusten Walkabout. You will get to see places you would otherwise never find. High Coast Walkabout is all about adventure experiences and being immersed in the wilderness of trailless terrain.

Kustvandrarna can tailor-make hiking trips for you. They can organize hikes of varying levels of difficulty throughout the High Coast region.