Die Insel Trysunda
Die Insel Trysunda


Beautiful natural scenery and the special cultural environment of the small fishing village are preserved on Trysunda.


Arriving here by ferry from Köpmanholmen or private boat, it is an unforgettable first impression you will get when you glide between the headlands into the bay and the postcard perfect views open up before you.

Visiting beautiful Trysunda is really like walking around in a living postcard. Framed between mountains and hills, it’s not hard to understand why it has been named Sweden’s most beautiful island. The idyllic fishing village is the best preserved in the High Coast and there is also a lovely guest marina for visitors and tour boats.

There is a chapel from the 1600s on the island and a fishing museum. From the village you can take trails that lead to several lovely swimming coves in the nature reserve. On a sunny day, it is a must to visit Björnviken with its beautiful sandy beach. Even here you can see signs of times long since past. By the forest edge you can see an old abandoned locomotive, in the past there has been a mine on the island.

Take the trail up to Kapellberget from where you can admire the stark contrasts between the mountainous mainland and the idyllic fishing village.