CBIS 3138954
CBIS 3138954
Världsarvsleden is a 100 km long trail winding through the heart of the High Coast of Sweden.
Världsarvsleden "The World Heritage Trail" is 100km long and joins six out of the twelve sights, highlighted by the county administration as official sights within the High Coast World Heritage area. In Häggvik, Norrfällsviken, Sörleviken, Rödklitten and Högklinten the hiker is able to study the landrise phenomenon. The sixth sight is Högabonden that you can reach by taking a ferry from Barsta and Bönhamn. The trail passes through several nature reserves and 29 small villages and fishing villages that will give you many beautiful views in an extraordinary environment.
The trail is divided into 14 sections, two of them joins the Hight Coast Trail in the west.


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