Skuleskogen National Park

“Where the mountains meet the sea”, describes Skuleskogen National Park more perfectly than any other place. Visiting the national park is an absolute must when sailing in the High Coast. The coast here is higher than anywhere else in the region.


The heart of the High Coast


Nowhere is the evidence of land uplift since the last ice age more obvious than it is in Skuleskogen National Park. Hiking through the ancient forest can be combined with adventurous activities such as climbing or exploring caves previously used as robbers’ lairs.

The high mountains, ancient forests and beautiful coastline make up a landscape that cannot be found anywhere else in Sweden.

yacht kryssning karta höga kusten

Explore the national park


The national park is most easily reached from the sea via the guest marina in Docksta: Docksta Havet. You can easily get to the park from here – make sure you visit the famous Slåttdalsskrevan – a giant crevice dividing Slåttdalsberget in two and measuring 200 metres long, 30 metres deep and seven metres wide. If you want to explore the park further, there are countless places of interest and the lovely staff at the holiday village Friluftsbyn can help you find your way around.

Another alternative is to cast your anchor in the bay Kälsviken, a lovely sandy beach a few hundred metres from the South Entrance to the park. From here you can enter the park as soon as you step onto land.

Get to the top of Skuleberget by climbing Europe’s largest Via Ferrata climbing wall, or take one of the trails or the chairlift up. Once at the top you can see traces of the highest coastline in the world after the ice age, it is 285 metres higher that the current one!

Soak in the panoramic views over the forest and sea, beautiful lakes and exciting geological formations. This is a spectacular area that you will not want to miss.


Read more about the national park

Vandring längs spång i Skuleskogens Nationalpark

Activities in and around Skuleskogen


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