If you are sailing in the High Coast, visiting the island of Ulvön and its harbour town Ulvöhamn is an absolute must. This is where you will see ancient traditions intertwined with modern living in one of Sweden’s most beautiful places.


The Jewel of the Baltic


Ulvön is the ultimate destination when sailing in the High Coast. The unique setting with the good life set against an historical backdrop makes this a very special place. The surroundings include the exclusive Ulvö Hotel and beautifully restored boat sheds that have stood the test of time since this was northern Sweden’s largest fishing settlement. There is a fantastic guest marina and pool by the hotel and the sundrenched pier is perfect for lazy days in this fantastic environment. Don’t miss the Ulvö Regatta that has been held for over 100 years – it is well worth experiencing.

yacht kryssning karta höga kusten

Things to do on Ulvön


When you go onshore, you can wander along the pretty streets before walking up to the top of Lotsberget for beautiful views out over the island and open sea. Steep cliffs, breath-taking nature and one of northern Sweden's oldest fishing chapels from 1622 where you can take a moment to reflect. For those interested in fishing, the Ulvö Museum will be of interest and there is a strong tradition of enjoying fermented Baltic herring on the island.

During the summer season, the island has a number of restaurants open as well as a small grocery store. Ulvön has so much to offer – sail here and discover the jewel of the Baltic!


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