Siv Bylund
Siv Bylund
Nämforsens hällristningsmuseum
Hällristning laxön Nämforsen
CBIS 6658352

Petroglyphs at Nämforsen
Det här företaget har BRONS-medlemskap i Höga Kusten Turism och uppfyller högt ställda krav på sin verksamhet.

Nämforsen in Ångermanälven has one of Northern Europe's biggest and most distinctive rock carvings of the approximately 2,300 rock images that were carved in stone right next to the rushing rapids.
The oldest have been made for over 6000 years ago. Here you can see the northern hunting people symbols, mostly elk, through a hundred generations, but also signs that indicate southern contacts. The large collection of petroglyphs, the landscape and its distinctive natural environment and to the rushing rapids at summer make Nämforsen a cultural heritage of world class. Nämforsens rock art museum with cafeteria, information, souvenir sales, guided tours. For reservations and information, call: +46 (0) 622-106 30


  • 2-3 timmar
  • Brons

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