Breathtaking views of the archipelago just outside Örnsköldsvik. A well-visited and close to nature reserve you can reach from Gullvik.

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Suggested visit length: 2-3 hours

  • Free parking


Ögeltjärn nature reserve is located south of Gullvik's sea bath about 14 km outside Örnsköldsvik. From the E4 roundabout at the southern entrance to Örnsköldsvik, you can follow the road signs to Gullviks havsbad. Parking is available at Gullviks Havsbad. The stretch up to Ögeltjärn is very easy, while the path to the top requires a little more effort but is well worth the effort. From the campsite to the top of the mountain it is approximately 2 km.

In Ögeltjörn's nature reserve, in addition to the mountain, there is also a small interesting pond that is drained down through a moist wet swamp forest with lime-favored flora. Seven different orchid species are found here, including the young forest lady (Epipogium aphyllum).
Ögeltjärn is a municipal nature reserve of 74 hectares and was established in 1994. It is managed by the Culture and Leisure Office Örnsköldsvik municipality. The purpose is to preserve a coastal forest and rocky landscape in untouched condition where vegetation and wildlife can develop freely, and to preserve a protected swamp forest with special regard to botanical values ​​and to ensure an easily accessible urban area for recreation and outdoor life.
that you are welcome on foot but that you are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle.
that you are careful about the vegetation and do not damage living or dead trees and shrubs and that you do not pick or dig up herbs, grass mosses and lichens.
to fire only in designated places at the windbreaks.
to keep the dog on a leash and not disturb wildlife.